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Jabal Burdah

Jabal Burdah, located some 30 km to the south, involves a magnificent drive through the far valleys of Wadi Rum and crossing the beautiful and lonely White Desert. Upon arrival, you will have a guided hike to the top which usually takes about 2 hours. It is here where you will stand atop one of the highest natural rock bridges in the world. The Jabal Burdah rock arch is 300 metres off of the ground. After hiking down again, you guide will start cooking your lunch and you can rest for about 2 hours. After the lunch we will drive you to the White Desert where you can hike for 2 hours before we drive you back to camp.

burdah bridge see wadi rum


NOTE: These are prices for the hike and lunch, they DO NOT include an overnight stay in our camp. If you wish to stay overnight in our camp, please remember to tick the ‘Overnight in camp’ option as well as ‘Jabal Burdah’ when completing our online booking form. You can browse our overnight stay options and prices here.

1 person – 80JD

2-4 persons – 60JD per person

5+ persons – 50JD per person

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