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Camel Tours

Not many people can say they have ridden a camel, especially through the Wadi Rum desert. This probably explains why it is such a popular option for our guests, as they frequently mention how it is something they will never forget. We have several options available for camel tours, so if you want to take a camel from the camp to a viewpoint to watch sunrise or sunset, we can make that happen. If you want to go on a 4 hour camel tour through the desert, we can make that happen. Or, if you simply want a camel to take you from the camp back to the village before you leave Wadi Rum, we can make that happen. If this interests you, please have a look at the pages below, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to customise your experience?

After the camel tour, you can stay overnight in our camp and, if you wish, take a jeep tour the next day! We want your wishes to be met, so your experience is entirely flexible. Please contact us with any requests.

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1 person: 30JD

2-5 persons: 25JD

6+ persons: 20J

Back to the Village

1 person: 30JD

2-5 persons: 25JD

6+ persons: 20JD

1 Hour Camel Tour

1 person: 20JD

2+ person: 15JD


4 Hour Camel Tour

1 person: 40JD

2-5 person: 30JD

6+ person: 20JD

Optional Addons

See Wadi Rum bedouin camp fire

Overnight Stays

You may wish to stay the night at our camp after your full day tour, or maybe you will arrive the night before your tour and you want to sleep in the camp beforehand. Either way, this will add so much to your experience.

1 - 5 persons: 20JD per person
6+ persons: 15JD per person
Children under 8: Free

4x4 Tours

If you wish to see all of the most famous places within Wadi Rum, our 4x4 tours are a must-do. We provide full-day and half-day tours, both of which take you to fascinating places. You will have an experienced Bedouin guide cook lunch for you, plus you will get the opportunity to hike through a canyon and sandboard down a red sand dune.

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