Jabal Al Hash

An Easy Desert Hike

A very simple and easy climb, this mountain is accessible to all, however it still has incredible views over the Wadi Rum desert.

Taking approximately 3 hours in total, the view from the top of this mountain is possibly the best in the whole of Wadi Rum.

Key Info

Save money

When doing one of our daytime experiences (4x4, camel or hike), you get a discount on our overnight experiences (excl. luxury tents).


It is recommended that you book an overnight stay for the night before your walk, so you can start early and avoid the midday heat.


1 person

2-4 persons
60JD per person

5+ persons
45JD per person

Detailed Description

NOTE: These are prices for the hike and lunch, they DO NOT include an overnight stay in our camp. If you wish to stay overnight in our camp, please remember to tick the ‘Overnight in camp’ option as well as ‘Jabal Al Hash’ when completing our online booking form.

Jabal Al Hash is located in the Al Forah area, close to the Jordanian-Saudi Arabian border. This mountain is very easy to climb, making it perfect for anyone who is inexperienced or who would like a simple hike.

You and your guide will start hiking from the eastern side of the mountain in the Um Snenah Valley and go through the valley to the top. Then we will take you down from the north-western side of the mountain by Wadi Nuqra. In total this hike takes approximately 3 hours. This is probably the most beautiful mountain in Wadi Rum to hike on, because when you arrive at the highest point (1700m above sea level) you will see all the different colors that encapsulate Wadi Rum.

After reaching the top, you will descend the mountain and your guide will start cooking your lunch and you can rest for 1 hour. After that you and your guide will walk about 3 hours around the mountain.

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