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On this page you can learn more about See Wadi Rum and our history, the people behind it, and what we can offer you.

If you’d rather skip straight to our activities and overnight stays, you can find all of this information here. For frequently asked questions regarding bookings and visiting us, check our FAQs here.

10+ Years of Experience

Founded in 2022, See Wadi Rum is one of the newest tour operators in Wadi Rum, however the Bedouin people behind the company are actually some of the most experienced guides in the whole area.

The tour company itself may be young, but our camp has been welcoming guests (under other names) for well over 10+ years, so we know how to give you a fantastic time, whether you choose to do a 4×4 jeep tour, camel ride or guided hike.

see wadi rum camp at night with tea
See Wadi Rum founders Sam King and Hussein Hamd

Meet The Team

See Wadi Rum is owned and operated by a local Bedouin family. Members of the Al Zalabieh tribe, these people have inhabited the land for generations.

Life here depends on knowledge of the land and respect for the environment and animals, so all guides are experts in traditional medicine, animal husbandry, and tracking wildlife.

The tribe is also known for their hospitality and humor, so expect some sarcasm along the way as well! All of the guides love to show visitors the authentic life of the people, because this is their backyard.

See Wadi Rum was established by Hussien Hamd, born, raised, and still living in Wadi Rum. He has a great love for this valley and has climbed, hiked, played and worked here his whole life.

Hussien is also supported by Sam King, a British web developer, who helps to promote See Wadi Rum and respond to enquiries.

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