Half Day 4x4 Tours

Visit Wadi Rum via 4x4

For those with less time, or for those just wanting a quicker tour of only the most important locations, the half day Wadi Rum jeep tour is the perfect choice.

Starting at 1pm, you will visit 5+ locations, such as Lawrence of Arabia’s house and Um Firth Rock Bridge. You will still have the opportunity to go sandboarding, and at the end of the tour you will watch the sunset from our viewpoint, while your Bedouin guide makes you tea on the campfire.

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Start time

This is a half day experience, starting around 1pm and ending at sunset. Maximum 6 people per truck.

Don't forget

Prices on this page do not include accommodation (+10JD per person) or Wadi Rum entry (free with Jordan Pass).


a lone tree near lawrence spring in wadi rum jordan

1. Lawrence's Spring

Named after Lawrence of Arabia, this is where he bathed during the Arab Revolt. It now serves as a water source for animals.

red sand dunes in wadi rum popular film location

2. Red Dunes

Large red sand dunes, piled up against a mountain. Famous for being in several Hollywood movies, such as Star Wars.

Khazali Canyon in wadi rum

3. Khazali Canyon

A 150 metre deep rock fissure full of ancient inscriptions. This narrow crack in the mountain is full of history.

little bridge rock formation in wadi rum desert

4. Little Rock Bridge

A small but beautiful rock bridge with great views of the red sand valley.

burrah canyon in wadi rum

5. Burrah Canyon

This second fissure is much wider and longer than the first. At the end of the canyon it opens up to vast views of Wadi Rum.

um frouth bridge in wadi rum

6. Um Frouth Bridge

A magnificent natural rock arch, it is one of the most photographed places in Wadi Rum for a reason.

sunset location wadi rum

7. Sunset

Your final stop will be a sunset viewpoint on the rocks. You can rest here while your Bedouin guide makes you tea on the campfire.

What's Included/Excluded

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Half Day Tour

1 person: 50JD

2-4 persons: 35JD

5-6 persons: 30JD

7+ persons: 20JD

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