Wadi Rum

4x4 Jeep Tours

We offer full and half day 4×4 Wadi Rum tours, which are the best way to see all of Wadi Rum’s most famous locations in a single day.

Stay Overnight

Sleep in a traditional tent and have an authentic Bedouin experience. Your time in the camp will be something you’ll never forget! Or, sleep outside, under the clearest sky in the world. The view of the Milky Way is like nothing you have seen before.

Camel Tours

Whether you want a camel to take you back to the Village, or to a sunset viewpoint, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Guided Hikes

Hike up the beautiful mountains of Wadi Rum with a Bedouin guide, who will ensure your safety, cook you lunch, and show you the best way to navigate this unique landscape.

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