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A 2 Day Wadi Rum Itinerary

Wadi Rum is a must visit destination when you are in Jordan. This article aims to clear up any questions you may have when considering a trip into the desert by providing you with an idea of what a potential itinerary looks like. Your time in Wadi Rum is fully customisable, and your bedouins are happy to meet your needs, however if you are in a position where you don’t know what to do, this article may be of help.

Before You Arrive

There are a few important things all visitors to Wadi Rum must be aware of before arrival:

  • You must book your stay in advance (book here)
  • You must bring cash to pay for your stay (there are no ATMs in Wadi Rum)
  • All visitors to Wadi Rum must enter the Visitors Centre beforehand, where you will get your ticket. Tickets are free if you have the Jordan Pass, or 5JD per person for non-pass holders

An Overview Of A 2 Day Itinerary

As already mentioned, See Wadi Rum allows visitors to customise their experience in any way they desire, however sometimes it is difficult deciding what to do. This itinerary serves as an example, and is probably what the majority of visitors follow when in Wadi Rum, as it allows you to experience the best Wadi Rum has to offer in a short amount of time. 

Day 1: Arrival, Full Day 4×4 Tour and Overnight in the Camp

  • Arriving in Wadi Rum at 9am, after collecting your ticket from the Visitors Centre, you can park your car in the free car park, which is located on your first right as you enter the village
  • Here, you will be greeted by your See Wadi Rum guide, who will assist you in moving your bags from your car into their 4×4
  • You will begin your full day 4×4 tour from the village, heading straight to Lawrence’s Spring, your first stop
  • Click here to view all stops for the tour
  • You will have lunch on your tour, and finish around 6pm to watch the sunset, while your guide makes you tea
  • After the sunset, you will be driven to the camp, where you will have dinner at around 7pm
  • Spend the night sitting around the fire with the bedouins before returning to your traditional tent to sleep

Day 2: Camel Ride, Breakfast and Departure

  • Waking up early, you take a camel to a viewpoint to watch the sunrise
  • Afterwards, you return to camp to have breakfast with the bedouin
  • And finally, you are driven from the camp back to the Wadi Rum Village, where you will depart
If this itinerary misses out or includes certain things that differ to your personal wishes, you can browse our other available experiences here. If this itinerary sounds like the perfect trip for you, book now by pressing the button below:

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